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Édesapám – Hungarian version
by Caterina Füredy

This biography of Miklos Füredy written by his daughter Caterina is best introduced by Caterina’s own words.
“My father turned 40 on 2 September 1953. (…) We could say he had all the circumstances in place for a beautiful and happy life. At two o’clock in the morning of 3 September 1953, three state security soldiers came to arrest him, and took him away from his house in hand-cuffs. (…) My father’s life was one of many sacrificed for a principle: for the freedom of a people. We can say that in those years the system locked up the nation’s best, muting for decades the voice of the opposition. But without their sacrifice there would have been no 1956 Uprising, and no 1989 Velvet Revolution, either.
This is why I decided to publish the story of his life; burrowing amongst my oldest memories, typing up his oldest memoirs left to me, and reading through the correspondence I have to hand, first from the front, during the war, then from prison, years later.”
Lest we forget all that has happened, the scale of the injustice of the offences committed against so many individuals and an entire nation mere decades ago, we now present, with simplicity and composure, her story, a story interwoven with her own memories, letters exchanged between her mother and her imprisoned father, together with documents belonging to her father and family friends.

Ebook: 73 pages
Format: PDF
Published in 2011
ISBN 978-0-9568792-2-6

Caterina Füredy
Caterina Füredy